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Free forum : 15 Yr Old On Oprah Made 71,000 Dolla

Free forum : 15 Yr Old On Oprah Made 71, 000 Dollars The Same Way U Can Read This

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Free forum : Oprah's Big Give in OC

Free forum : This is a forum for all people residing in Orange County, CA that want to give back to the community!

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Oprah Book Club Gaming Clan

Group of friends wanting to play games together. If you play with us be respectful and have fun playing with each other. Try not to suck too bad. we want our clan to be pretty well known

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Transcript of McCanns on Oprah Show is far too long to paste , but well worth reading when you have 5 minutes to spare.

Oprah, who claims to be a Zulu Princess, is apolitical.

So, she won't be hosting political figures like Sarah Palin:Here she is being apolitical with Obamessiah.

Oprah story, is this how it is in SA too?

This couple was foster parents for this little girl form age 2 until 7, so its was 5 years. She was their daughter and they were her parents. One day, the social services rock up at her house and tell her that they are there to fetch the little girl as

Women Who Molest Children: A Special Report By Oprah Winfrey

The Oprah Show - A Special Report: Raped by His Mother - A Victim Comes ForwardMy Mom Molested MeThe Oprah Winfrey Show | February 15, 2010 For many years, Oprah has spoken openly about being molested as a young girl. Since she went public

VIDEO: OJ Detective Mark Fuhrman on Oprah - Spot the similarities (processed)

A fascinating interview with Mark Fuhrman who was the detective in the OJ investigation. Originally, he refused the interview but then agreed to 20 mins. He stayed for the hour.At the beginning, I compiled 5 mins of random clips from the interview.

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