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Jason's Nitrous Snorting 2012 Shelby GT500

Normally we try to do something different on every car with our custom purge setups, however Jason saw the pictures of a previous work of art Albert created over here at RP in Lydon Murtha's 2012 Shelby and just had to have it! We figured since Lydon's

2008 2.9L Whipple GT500

I've decide to place her up for sale. Times are tough and I'm looking to save some money for my upcoming wedding. I'm in no hurry to sell, but serious offers will be considered. This is a fully optioned car, with just over 9,000

GT500 RAN 10.2 AT 138MPH PBIR WENDSDAY 3/2/2011

I'll be posting a video and time slip's shortly. If anyone in here took a video from PBIR's runs last night please post them here.

GT500 vs BigTurbo Srt-4 p.s. lol at 100 rolls and someone please post this video on the FloridaSrtOC

TheCrusherCobra vs GT500 **video**

Heres what I got from the side of the road, recorded from a phone camera so its not too great but you get the picture...

GT500 Hood

Ok so i was looking around and wanted to see why the GT500 hood wont fit a non gt500 front end. There is a gap where the hood raises. so if anyone knows where i can get a cheaper gt500 hood, id like to pick one up.

FS: GT500KR Mufflers, will fit 05-09 GT & GT500

These were on my car for less than 1k miles. I replaced them with a set of KR mufflers that had Corsa tips welded on. They are in excellent condition. I don't want to ship them so hopefully someone in MPSF is looking for a set. Would like to get $350

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