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Free forum : Downfall

Free forum : "Downfall" features a cast of aging punks trying to decide their place in life. By turns funny, melodramatic, and strange, the comic is updated every Friday.

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The Skin Philosophy - Skin care and akin lightening

A skin care & skin lightening forum offering beauty advice, lightening methods, informative skin care product reviews & solutions.

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1st "aging" make-up

Hi guys, I had an 1 year old girl that wanted to be an old man for Halloween. She and her 2 sisters came by for make-up last night. I Had never painted anyone to look older so I was unsure but thought it didn't turn out to bad. I kept asking her to scrunc

Aging deadwood with winter in a can

When I look at artificially created deadwood 99% of the time it looks very poor compared to naturally aged sections of the tree. I dont mean the initial carving to add a basic shape to the wood but the finishing as this stage needs to show the effect of

[Theory] Aging- Silver Millennium and Crystal Tokyo

Alright, I can't help but have theories and thoughts about stuff.  (Gods, save me, I was thinking of how old they are when they died too.) So, the Silver Crystal - as we all know-  can extend lifespans up to 1000yrs.  (I haven't seen otherwise) Most

External parasites and the BN

I have a 20g with 3 platys and a BN. Recently I bought some live plants from Petco. They came with snails and within 3 days I had 2 dead female platys with what looked like a white worm hanging out of the gills. The remaining 3 platys have been glancing

Theories: Chibiusa's senshi

I know we`ve talked here about Chibiusa being the next generation of Sailor Moon, but this has made me wonder-- If Chibiusa is the next in line as Sailor Moon, why is her group of senshi named for asteroids and is not made up of the next generation of

Aging Girlfriends...

Aging Girlfriends... A group of 40 year old girlfriends discussed where they should meet for dinner. Finally it was agreed upon that they should meet at the Ocean View Restaurant because the waiters there had tight pants and nice bums. 10 years

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