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Royce Gracie vs Wallid Ismail and other Famous Grappling Matches

Wallid vs Jean Jacques Machado a 6th degree black belt Jean Jacques vs Ricardo Arona Ricardo Arona vs Tito Ortiz Matt Hughes vs Tito Ortiz my personal favorite Frank Shamrock vs Dan Henderson Royce Gracie vs Jason

Some sick grappling

these kids went for it. Really exciting match!

Xtreme Couture grappling coach Neil Melanson says he wants to train Rashad Evans

Quote:We're trying to get Rashad to come here (to Xtreme Couture)," Melanson told Steve Cofield (via MMA Fix). "We got some people asking him to come out here. I know he's in Denver right now but it's just because I've always been wanting to get my hands

Texas International Grappling Festival

Went 1 and done. Not my day.

Professional Grappling League

Countless warriors compete in regional tournaments that offer no avenue of career progression. The Professional Grappling League™ (PGL) is prepared to be the game changer, offering eight man tournaments and one super fight. Athletes will be personally

Counter grappling 2006

COUNTER-GRAPPLING PROGRAM Feb, 2006, Merseyside ------------------ OVERVIEW OF THE PROGRAM by Den After a brief presentation of the concepts we would be using, the class warmed up with another “task-related fitness” routine, this time based on

Grappling vs knife

A pickpocket with a blade,not a good idea to grapple against a knife.

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