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1941 Goudey

The redheaded stepchild of the Goudey sets, this is the last and rarest of all sets produced by Goudey. Production and quality control for the set are severely lacking. Finding examples in better than Ex condition are almost impossible. The set is a

Another real or fake - '33 Goudey Ruth?

This one looks pretty close, what do you say - real or fake? I'm no expert on goudeys, but I'm gonna still say "FAKE" on this one because the card stock doesn't seem right, especially the way the creases look. Also, the red "big league

Which is your favorite 1933 Goudey Ruth?

Vote and discuss. #53: #144: #149: #181:

1936 Goudey regular issue

25 card set issued by Goudey in 1936. Size 2-3/8x2-7/8. The cards were designed to be played as a game. There are multiple front/back combinations.

Sorta confused (as usual!) - 1936/37 Goudey Wide Pen

Hey Guys, I went to the local card show today, and picked up a raw (labeled as) 1937 Goudey wide pen Carl Hubbell, in about VG-VG/EX. The thing is, I can only find one on Ebay that is identical to it, and its graded SGC 10, and notated as a "type

Goudey wrapper...

I just picked this Goudey wrapper up. My question for all the experts is: Is it real, is it common to find these. I did not pay much so i am not worried. Thanks

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