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Free forum : In the planet af pikmin all is peaceful. Not!

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Anything and everything Nintendo. Not really since we're dead.

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Pikmin 3 - "The length of the title for this topic must be ranging between 10 and 255 characters"

Where were we? Ah, yes: Pikmin 3 will be a return to the original's strategy roots, with time limits and stress and all that stuff. I like both Pikmin games very much, but I prefer the second as it's largely a stress-free experience, as I feel computer

Pikmin or Pikmin 2?

This is one of those debates that just doesn't go away, and I was wondering what the consensus was here. Often, people seem to presume Pikmin 2 is automatically better. It has more levels, more Pikmin types, a multiplayer mode, two commanders and

Pikmin 3's Alph!

Game: Pikmin 3 Large Differences from Olimar: Rock and Winged Pikmin Exclusive to Alph Hello! I have the suggestion of Alph from Pikmin 3 as a Crusade character! I think he would fit well in the game considering he seems to be the most known

Pikmin 3 Pikmin 3 Pikmin 3

It is everything I had hoped for, and everyone should buy it. Do it. Go buy it.

The Photo-Realism Challenge: Polygons

In 3D gaming, polygons are everything. Much has changed since the early days of 3D gaming, but if you compare an early 3D game (like Doom) to a current game (like Crysis 3), the biggest difference you will see is the number of polygons on the

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