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Automate gmail to sent email using webdriver

Hi,Can someone please help me to automate sending email in Gmail.I am not able to add "to Address" .Please find my code below WebElement name=driver.findElement("Email"));;name.sendKeys("email");WebElement

How to automated gmail to send email by using Selenium?

Hi Friends, I am trying to automate the gmail to send an email but couldn't able to click on the "Composer" link, for that have tried with Xpaths, Class names,... but not able. Can anyone please help me out on this. The below code is


How i can create test suit into test suit ?

How to locate message in inbox of Gmail in Selenium RC

Hi all,I am new to Selenium and need a help...I am developing a script using Selenium RC+JUnit+Eclipse to open my Gmail and to click a message in Inbox, then after to read its body, if any link is there in body then click it.But am stuck at

How do I open a particular email from Gmail using Selenium IDE?

Hi,    I'm testing our web application using Selenium IDE 2.0. The functionality is like this.   1. User will enter all the mandatory information in the registration page.   2. Once user clicked on the "Register" button, an email will be sent to

How find no unread and emails in a gmail

Hi All ,How to find the no of email s in gmail or yahoo mail ? is there any direct API to find it in selenium API Unread/read.finding 2 or 3rd element in a drop down/RegardsViresh SB9980867000

How to make a failure in gmail login page?

just gave dummy username and pswd. click on button. its running successfully. in gmail it asks please enter valid username / pswd. How to make a failure test case in gmail login page ?

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