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Zafar Mushtaq

Name: Zafar MushtaqTier: DGender: Male Sexuality: PansexualAge + Birthdate: 20Nationality: BalbaddRace: HumanSpecialization: StrengthPersonality:Zafar is a self indulgent sociopath with no human connections save for brief ones with

New, looking for a roleplay partner on Yahoo or Gmail

Hey everyone. I am, as the title says, looking for someone to roleplay with via Yahoo or Gmail, preferably, but would be open to other means (typing only, no phone or anything like that). I would be open to playing either Sherlock or John, and I guess it

May Ayumu exist please?

Ayumu YamiBasic InformationAge:16Birthday:SummerGender:MaleAppearance:Effeminate, MysteriousPersonality:Peaceful, CheeryHistory: Though born an orphan, I was raised with an awareness of my family. The Yami clan had links to the First

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