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[F1] Timo Glock

Timo Glock, né le 18 mars 1982 à Lindenfels (Allemagne). Il doit son prénom à Timo Salonen dont son père était un fervent admirateur. Vainqueur des GP2 Series en 2007, et après une première expérience lors de la saison 2004 au cours de laquelle il disput

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Anyone have a cheap rack bag or box?

I'm looking for a cheap rack bag or box. I found a tool box at Lowes that I'm thinking about but a purpose built one would look better. $30 or so is my price range. The tool box is $28, and its water tight too.

Glock 19 for sale almost new

Anyhow if it is , i want to sale my glock 19 ,,, i can make a sweet deal . i have alot of 9 mill FMJ I aloso have ALOT of tula or just a cheap price. Its brand new , i found that the 26 fits my hand better so ill be selling the most popular of all the

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Gun Magazines are starting to cover what we've been doing for years....i guess the cat's out the bag..drool on Glock 19/23 S&W MP40 

Crazy shot from yesterday (glock 26)

Me and a buddy were playing around yesterday just target practicing when i decided to cut up some wood to shoot. Cut it perfect, you could get 10-15 yards back and shoot it with a 9mm round and it would just barely stick out the back side. I started

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