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Kaka to Galatasaray? Real said YES

Ok first guys: this is the secon thread but also the last for today in the Transfers section... but Galatasaray wants Kaka! it says that they can


Anyone think of reasons for not doing this? He's got the work rates for it and shooting stats, I just need a new ST for my BBVA bored of using Falcao, Martins, Benezema, Calejon, and Higuan.

[XBOX360] Simply Fifa have 500 Members! Giveaway: Ozil, Kaka and Nasri

Hey Simply Fifa Xbox members! The Simply Fifa forums have reached 500 members which is another great achievement for the site! To celebrate we are giving away Ozil, Kaka and Nasri on Fifa 12 Ultimate Team for Xbox 360. There will be 3 winners! You

Kaka Dream to Play For Man Utd

Football exclusive: KAKA DREAMS OF PLAYING FOR UNITED World Player of the Year, Kaka, has declared his dream for playing for Manchester United in an exclusive interview with a local Milan radio station. The news will come as a pleasant surprise to

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