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A place to learn about upcoming Group Flights, share Airports and Flight Plans, Post Videos and Pictures, and much more!

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Everything about Madonna, the Queen of Pop. MadgeTribe Forum

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Here's my new Com-Bat; Test flights-Take 2

Killing time till my Flightstreak gets here tomorrow. This should be a wild little plane. Y'all pick what I should power it with. Here are your choices choices: Black Widow Killer Bee Babe Bee with SPI Bee with gray backplate and SPI Balloon o

Gimme a kiss!

Felix likes kisses!

Bringing spray paint cans (or topcoat cans) to flights

ok, I'm just wondering if based on Singapore's law it is allowed to bring spray paint cans and/or topcoat spray cans, because I might need to take some cans back to my home country after the semester ends (I'm an international student here).. if it's

Gimme Gimme Gimme

Gimme those Legs n I shalll compose an immortal ode to you !!

Shoestring flights - pattern practice... Is Over.

Finally the monsoons have tapered off and the club field at Fort Jackson was mowed.  This week I pre-flighted the Shoestring including putting a new fuel tank on it. John Brodak replaced my other one, saying he had heard of the bubble problem. This one

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