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The Galaxy Cauldron

The most powerful star in the universe. The place where worlds are created, stars are born, legends die and Sailor Moon lives forever.

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1933 Delong Lou Gehrig

Got this card from a guy as part of a collection that I bought recently. This card was not mentioned in the ad but rather was just stuck in the box w/a group of other cards (good cards mind you but still, no mention in the ad). I recently took it to

Historic Gehrig bat

Here's the story Gehrig bat

Pluto's dog Parlour

One of My girlfriends (Janet)runs her own Dog grooming business from her home in Fairview park. Its called "Pluto's". she used to be on yatala Vale road - but has now moved around the corner into Hamilton Rd. Janet has horses too - and understands

FS: 1932 US Caramel Lou Gehrig SGC

Asking $900 or BO. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks. Paypal is preferred. Also, all the dust that makes it look blurry and what not is from the scan. It presents well in person.

1923 Lou Gehrig Columbia Lions team card

I have a question regarding a transaction i made on a whim. It was in a lot of five on ebay. The sellers name is investco_global. When i recieved these cards i was pretty tigged off. It had Mickey Mantle's 1958 Topps #150 that i knew of and had recently

EBay: Fake label on '33 Goudey Gehrig?

This doesn't look right to me. What do you guys think?

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