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Gastric Sleeve Support

An Australian Support Forum for Patients of the VSG/Vertical Sleeve/Gastric Sleeve/Sleeve Gastrectomy or anyone Researching this Surgery-Australia & worldwide members welcome.

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Gastric Plication

Hi Everyone,This is my first post so lets hope it is in the right place! Just wondering if anyone has heard of Gastric Plication or has had it done?? Is it available in Australia?? I really want the gastric sleeve but am really struggling with th

Scared! gastric sleeve or not 2?

hey guy/girlsjust a quick background about me i had the lapband about 4years ago and 1 year ago i had to get it removed cause i couldn't keep anything down not even 5ml of water and till now my doctor says my case was a strange case cause there was no

Can I take some Metamucil?

I was sleeved one week ago, and since then have not have a BM, I know that my insides are working as I have the worst gas, but nothing more (sorry tmi). So is Metamucil, or something similar safe to take?ThanksxxTamara

Gastric Sleeve and Eating Disorders

Hi All,I guess I am asking a lot here as it is a very personal issue, but do any of you have a history of eating disorders? If so, what have been your experiences around gastric sleeving?I have had bulimia on and off since I was about 15 (I am 39


I was sleeved back in August '09 and just five months after the op I noticed that I could consume larger quantities therefore stopping any weightloss. I am now nearly a year after the op and have put on 6 kilos of the 30 kilos that I lost :( I don't kno

Gastric sleeve plication

[b]Was wondering has anyone had the gastric sleeve plication procedure if so who are the doctors doing this in the states any input would be helpfulthanksDonna


HII was wondering if anyone has experienced this as I am rather concerned. I am 2 weeks post op. For the first few days i had runny stomach, now I can't relief myself and when I went for the first time after a week I was bleeding from behind?Is

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