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Star Wars New Era

GameRanger RPG server

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Hello everyone. I just posted about GameRanger in the multiplayer section. Its a nice little program that makes it really easy to host/join other people's D2 games (virtual LAN) and supports a friend list. I've posted about it in the multiplayer


All of the sudden, the client started logging in and logging off, and it doesn't let me do anything. I tried reinstalling it, but the issue remains. Does anybody have a clue on what to do?


It's an old question at this point that I've never been able to get a reasonable answer to. I don't really expect to get one I suppose. But my question is: Why do people still insist on playing grouped mana? It takes a large portion of what makes


Anyone else having problems logging on?   It is not working for me.  This has happened to me this past weekend. It is telling me that there may be something wrong with the Proxy Settings. I'm not sure how to go about these things. Please help.

Game Ranger

Hello everyone, I know most people play together here using hamachi or some other method, but I thought I'd introduce people to GameRanger. For those of you who don't know what it is, its an application that allows for friend lists, and creating of game

Alternative to Game Ranger

Tunngle Been using it to play Saints Row The Third, supports alot of game's that game ranger does not. As well as when you connect to the program and launch the game, it show's ALL available servers in your lan search ingame so you dont have to exit an

Review of TA:K servers

Ok i know we are still a bit divided about what do we use to play. So here i come with a solution that maybe many dont like but i guess is the best one for now. But before i will put here some points of our 3 "servers" to play

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