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Eighth Avenue Furies Forums

Home of the Eighth Avenue Furies, a notorious street gang situated within Vice City.

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Through the Sands and Ether

In a world where God and mortal meet, neither is above or below. They stand as equals here on The Woven Skein.

#through, #sands, #ether, #world, #where, #mortal, #meet, #neither, #above, #below, #they, #stand, #equals, #here, #woven, #skein

Free forum : [NG]-gaming

free forum : Welcome to clan NAKED GAMERS. Pride, Honor, and integrity is our clan moto. We love to compete in non cheating tourneys which meens we dont cheat ether. If u are found cheating u will be

#free, #[ng]-gaming

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Nurgle Demons Blog

So I do have much more work to do to get my Nurgle Demonic army up to the point totals and unit selections I want. I picked up the Ultraforge Plague demon which I plan on using as either a herald on a palanquin (To account for the base size) or a Demon

Creating AIW

Hi all,I'm trying to convert some old GPL tracks to GTR2/GTL that I like. I was able to convert all objects and textures, and write the .trk file. What I'm finding difficult to face is the AIW. Can someone point out at any tutorial and utilities? I know

Happy Birthday to LOOSE ETHER

      The time is coming! Just a few hours more!Happy birthday Loose Ether! Have a very nice day together whom you love, and doing what you love most!All the best for you, my friend! Cheers!! 

Whispers from the Ether [Quest app]

Q u e s t N a m eWhispers from the EtherI n f o r m a t i o nReason for this quest:Explanation of quest It had begun only recently, starting off as what could only be described as a separated incident and progressing from there. Bodies had

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