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Sunset Funset triangle fudge

Liliana sat along the beach. Her shoes were carelessly kicked to the side, along with the ribbons that usually held her pigtails. Lili's hair was down and blew in the wind as she looked out into the water. Her white blonde hair kept blowing in her face

Steal a Fudge Recipe (Keianna's Job)

Keianna this time again is going to Peace Village. She was supposed to get or steal a fudge recipe. "What's so good about this Fudge and I have to steal it. Oh well.... At least I will steal." Keianna finally reached Peace Village. "Peace Village.... The

Stealing Fudge YO!(mission/private)

Fudge. Yes Fudge. Some idiot was paying a grand total of 4000 jewels to steal his rival chef's master fudge recipe. He wasn't just asking for a normal person either. Oh no! He was asking for a highly qualified mage to take on this task. "This guy probably

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