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The woman, the actress that makes Kate Beckett come to life! Got news, photos, info on new projects? Post-em here! Interested in her IMDB bio? Here's the link: Stana Katic - IMDB

EW interview with Stana Katic on Castle's finale Quote :ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This season finale felt perfect for the journey we’ve been through this season. Did you see it kind of the same way? STANA KATIC: Yeah, I loved it. I

- Kimo Force's GFX Showcase -

Well, I'm just going to start with my latest.

Stana Katic tweets (S6)

@Stana_Katic Had an intvw today w @MattMitovich on #CastleSeason6! Happy Belated, Matt!!

Zap2it interviews Stana Katic of Castle 'Castle's' Stana Katic: Castle and Beckett's sex is 'phenomenal'! Quote: In case you missed the memo, Beckett and Castle (Nathan

"Fans, Stalkers, Excellence and Beauty - one word doesn't belong." A Response to Pinlett's article on Stana Katic and "Over-Idolization"

After reading your article on Stana and her fans, I'd say you don't really know much about Stana Katic. I'm also not sure if I should find your being upset over people that actually DO things in the world amusing or worrisome. If you want to talk about

Nathan and Stana's inteview with a French Magazine.

Here is an English translation of the original french article. Keep in mind that in France Castle is still in season 3,' so I will assume that SK and NF had to limit their answers to only discuss events for that season. Also... Castle is huge in France. I

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