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That Butler, Spontaneous

Dedicated to Kuroshitsuji Role Play and general Kuro fandom.

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Kuro Shichi (Shichi Kuro)

Name: Kuro Shichi (western: Shichi Kuro) Age: 20 (looks 15) Bounty: 500 for injuring a kendo judge, being disputed on the grounds that it could have been an accident. Species: Human Occupation: Swordsman Allegiance: Pirate Home

Kuro + Shizuki's Spells

Spoiler:Magic: Demolition Magic / Gun Art - Explosion Caster or Holder: Caster Description: As a mage, Shizuki can pinpoint an exact location with an exact area or volume, and charge it with volatile magic. Anyone who disturbs that area will be met

Kuro Ikeda [Done]

Persona Name: Kuro Ikeda AliasesBlackhawk, Mystus Gender: Male Age: 19 Birthday: July 11th, X816 Sexuality: Heterosexual Special Characteristics: Eagle Eye : Kuro has the ability to see great distances away, (around 700-750 feet away from him)

Kuro-shi (Sword)

Name: Kuro-shi Quantity: 1 Rank: A Appearance: The blade is completely black. The blade is based on the Falcion, sharp edge on one side, blunt on other. Except on the blunt side, it has small spikes that can come out with the press of a button on the

Kurokon Shikyo

Kurokon Shikyo Basic Information Age: 17 Birthday: March 14 Gender: Male Appearance: Without Armor:  With Armor:  Personality: Kuro had a thirst for knowledge, even as a child. He absorbed any knowledge he could, and often came to

Giddian Kuro

Giddian Kuro Basic Information Name: Giddian Kuro (Utu) Age: 27 years True Age: 22 or 400 depending on your perspective Sex: Male Personality: Giddian is laid back and carefree, he sees the world as a constant adventure and

Absolute Reflexes

Jutsu Name: Absolute Reflexes Rank: S Type: Ninjutsu Range: Sight Duration: - Appearance: - Effect: When in Mangekyou, Kurokon is able to replace the normal 100 boost to reflexes with one equal to his chakra stat. He does so by enhancing the

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