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Self sufficient and environmentally sustainable living for your health and the Earth's health

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Homesteading/Subsistence Living

Hello all, Wasn't sure i should post this here or in garden plans. If this doesn't belong here can a mod please move it.    Anyway, my wife and I plan on homesteading when I retire (at LEAST a decade down the road) which is why learning to garden i

Started my 2nd SFG box this weekend

I wasn't sure if I was going to find a adopted home for my Wild Florida Everglades tomatoes, so I spent the weekend starting my second SFG box. In the interim, it appears that I may have found a new home for the intended occupants, so this may turn int

Renewed hope.

Just this morning I came across Sonshine's departing letting in "Homesteading Today", another self-sufficiency forum. I, too, believe that the politics in HT can be a bit overbearing, and have been considering a departure therefrom, myself.

I have a hard time believing...

I'm a new gardener, having just put in my raised beds last year. I grew a few things with some success, then picked up the new SFG book and decided to try it out in the spring. But I'm having a very hard time believing the claims. Do any of you actually

Homesteading newbie

I am a future homesteading wannabe.. I have no former knowledge of country living or living off the land. I was raised in a midsize small town(Trailer Park) . I'm trying my hand at growing a few things this summer in containers(tomotoes,Green and red

Citrus Candles of emergencies Converting an orange or cirtus fruit into a candle in emergencies.

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