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Food issues, bad allergies

Okay so lola's allergies are getting out of hand. She is not itching a lot but she is licking her feet a lot. She has been on raw for about 4-5 months now. I found from doing an elimination diet that she can't handle poultry of any kind including

Seasonal Allergies Remedies Nettle (Urtica dioica): Nettle has enjoyed a long history as a treatment for seasonal allergies. Dr. Andrew Weil, author of Natural Health, Natural Medicine (Houghton

Allergies and Atopica

I have two pugs that constantly lick their paws, and rub themselves all over the furniture and carpet. My male pug recently got an ear infection, so we took a trip to the vet. The vet said they have pretty bad allergies (nothing physically visible,

Yeast Issues vs Food Allergies

Hi everyone - we adopted a 2-yr old Pug mix (think he's a Puggle) in January and at first we fed him regular dog food until he developed skin issues. Started researching and decided to feed him raw - mostly chicken and fish with broccoli and carrots and,

Gracie's allergies and Emma's dental

Hi everyone! Some of you know that I've been having a heck of a time with Gracie and her skin. We had it all under control for about 2 months with no problems at all. I gave her a bath on Sunday and did not see or feel anything on her skin. Friday, all of

My Pug and allergies

I have a black female who is eight years old ...i have had to put her on venectyl twice in her recent years....her itching every half hour under her hide legs would get so bad neither of us would sleep...the vet told me i could use reactine and i tried bu

Allergies or Self-soothing

Hi fellow Pug lovers, I'm trying to save myself a visit to the vet, but will go if need be. My pug, Bear, is almost four years old, unattached, in good health, my best friend and shadow. The recent phenomenon is that he scratches/rubs up and down

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