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The Butler's Pantry

Gerry Butler's Pantry : A Fan Domain for the Sanely Insane

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Free forum : Justice 4 ALL Madeleine McCann Family

A Forum to offer support to Madeleine McCann's parents and highlight the travesty that children can just vanish, never to be seen again. The Portuguese Police are guilty of dereliction of duty.

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Gerry at Haiti rebranding charity event last Sat night?

Gerry may have attended this Halloween party on Sat. night. Quote:Last but certainly not least is the charity affair my friend Unik is hosting this Saturday. An A-list

Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett star in 'Olympus Has Fallen' (Photos) Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett star in 'Olympus Has Fallen' (Photos) In the action thriller “Olympus Has Fallen,” the White House is

The Wisdom of Morgan Freeman

Just shared this on Facebook; thought I would share it with you guys, too. Makes sense to me. TURN OFF THE NEWS....... Morgan Freeman's brilliant take on what happened yesterday : "You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here's

Studio Pottery Long Baguette Dish, Stamped RF.

Hi all, I think this dish could be by Rosie Farr, the mark is very close as is the description of her work, but I have never actually seen any of her work to compare. The other potter that comes to mind and has done similar work (though the work I

Al Freeman Jr.

Died with little or no fanfare six days ago. A very good actor. Al Freeman, Jr. was born in San Antonio, Texas, the son of Lottie Brisette (née Coleman) and Albert Cornelius Freeman, a jazz pianist. He is mostly recognized for his portrayal of

Get your Gerry dolls here!

Andre Marek doll... **sits and waits for mass forum mayhem to ensue**

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