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Hi Steven

Sup dude

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Liverpool FC Supporters Forum - The 13th Man

The 13th Man: Liverpool FC Fans Forum. Discussion primarily about LFC, but also all things non-LFC and beyond are up for debate!

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Free forum : School of Awesome

Free forum : Steven Segal School of Awesome Forum. Free forum : School of Awesome

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Carly and Franco

I think they may just hook up.

How old is Lauren Franco supposed to be?

don't know how old Franco's daughter is supposed to be but if she is of young adult age it would have been better to cast KA as her rather than Serena Baldwin - KA took such criticism when she first came to GH and now I'm afraid she is going to alienate

Miss Franco's theme song~MAD WORLD! ''All around me are familiar faces, warn out places...''

All around me are familiar faces   Warn out places, warn out faces Moving in Circles Moving in circles   Bright and Early for their daily races, daily races Going no where Going no where Children trying to feel good, feel good Happy

Franco's massive brain surgery

What a relief. He made it through alive without losing any of his yellow hair     That Patrick is one super duper surgeon

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