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An advanced/serious role-playing forum, FoG caters to aspiring and acknowledged writers with literate capabilities beyond that of the average person.

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Footsteps Of Ghosts - FML

If you don't know what FML is, go here It's self explanatory. But I want to know what your biggest, most embarrasing blunders are, or even the little ones. The following poster must write a rating of the previous poster's

Interest Check: End of Time, fantasy rp

Lan Herisde This world, Lan Herisde is a semi-typical medieval world, dragons and other such monsters abound. The world The overall world is a large island/continent surrounded by the sea on all sides, called Lan Herisde (Land of the Heroes) ,

FOG Writing Contest 6/13/12 *WINNER*

A Piece of History Welcome to the first official FOG bi-monthly contest! The theme for this contest is "A Piece of History". In detail, you may write about any period of time, anywhere on Earth. To keep things interesting, you may write this as a

Halo 4

I was recently astounded to learn that the trailer for Halo 4 was out.... I did not even know 343 Industries was making Halo 4. So, really, I was more surprised of the fact that it took me so long to hear about it than the fact that they are making

Fallen From Grace

Fallen From Grace IC She was once a mighty warrior. Feared, and respected. She followed the word of God without questioning the higher powers. That is, until one mission, she was sent to kill a new born demon. She flew down to Earth in full

An Introduction?

"Hello." That's the only thing the group hears as they walk into the black room. In the center of the room is a black table with a simple light fixture lit above it. Under the light is a young man, appearing to be no older than eighteen. He

Sound of Footsteps

Sunlight dappled the wall in a spotted pattern through the curtains, filling the room with fresh, golden color. Slowly, the lone occupant of the room roused himself, leaving behind the warmth of slumber to rise into the coolness of the morning air. Dennis

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