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~~~My Small Flowerhorn~~~

I couldn't see the tank smudges lol but the camea could lol. Not the best picture but showed the body a little better I think. Ok so here is the deal, I dont know too much about them. I know they are a hybrid fish that wouldnt exist

My flowerhorn

this guy dominates my tank. lol

~~~My Flowerhorn Again~~~

Just a couple pics of my flowerhorn. I have no idea why the pics aren't sharp, i have to look at the settings on the camera again, i think i changed something. Anyway enjoy and tell me what you think of it's progress. Current Diet is cichlid gold, mysis

Martha the flowerhorn

This is Martha she is about the same age as Fred. I'm not sure if its a he or she. She has been on a hunger strike for the past month and wont eat much but I will address that under diseases and disasters. She is about 2" at my best guess Here she i

Longi sudden aggresiveness

Mga Master, tanong lang po. I acquired 2 matured longi about 2 months ago. First month, hindi sila magkasama sa enclosure. After a month, pinagsama ko na sila. Almost three weeks na sila magkasama showing no signs of aggressiveness to each

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