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COUNT-UP 0-9 using jk flip flop

Posted by ultrasonic™ on October 12, 2009 at 10:22pm PROCEDURE DESIGN: AFTER kmapping: J3 = Q2Q1Q0 K3 = Q0 J2 = Q1Q0 K2 = Q1Q0 J1 = Q3’Q0 K1 = Q0 J0 = 1 K0 = 1 CIRCUIT DIAGRAM: -marcelino-

The Great Xbox One Flop

*rant time* While I'm trying to get everyone to buy an Xbox one to play with me, I have an observation to state to all considering getting one. Hopefully these issues are fixed in the near future because the console is still relatively new - but while

Nimmy Part 1: The first sort of date? Not really? [p r i v a t e--To Roxanne]

N O E L L A-R O S E || [noah] || G A L Z A M A N;; Eos Noah strolled slowly along the beach. She wore a baggy, gray t-shirt that hung to her knees. It was loose on her thin frame and was obviously far far too large for her. However, it made a nice swim

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