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Bearville Guide - The Build A Bearville (BABV) Forum! Visit bearvilleguide. com for complete game guide, codes, contests, prizes, rare items, exclusive chatbox and everything else Build-A-Bearville!

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Jaliyyah's Trading Thread♥(:

Haii Peeps. .. Umm Ok Here Is What I Am Trading, Please Make Offers And Please Do Not Say "Can We Meet Up" Just Make A Offer And I Will Think And Then We Can Meet Up Ok so.. Here we go :DD Clothinq: Pink Hands Pink Cake

Rainbow headband gone :(

I traded something and got the rainbow headband but I can't find it in my inventory

Contest: The best movie wins! click now! you can win bearbills!

tell me your movie! you can win lots of bear bills! tell me your FAVORITE movie! the one i like best, wins!

How much bearbills do you have?

I have 20,000 How about you?

How do you earn your bearbills?

I play the animal photography game, then trade the bear bills for cool items. How do you earn yours?

Contest:)! ~Olivia

What this contest is about: Whoever that can make the best avatar picture for me (lol) can get a prize on bearville. The prize can help with your condo's decorations. 1st place prize: three disco balls and two thousand bearbills 2nd place prize: tw

Tips on getting tons of bearbills.

So I was fishing at the pawpark pond when someone asks for a trade. I accept anyways because I always enjoy seeing what people have to offer. Little did I expect for my trading partner to have 4,720,650 bearbills! Now what I am wondering is, is there any

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