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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Free forum : Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Clan

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Clanwar/ Funwar Dark Side

DS vs KCA1. 6 vs 62. 20.00 gmt +1 german time , today 2011-08-013. Bandage , fire proof , stamina boost , car heal4. no pirate pistol , grenade launcher5. no commando6. our server , europe 7. bookmark link:8. 2x VV + 2x CC9 we national :: Public CTF #7 (Combo Instagib!!)

ComboGib is currently run by :: Public CTF #7 (Combo Instagib!!)unreal:// ( )Pro'so Same maplist as on ND2 (though this might change)o Better anticheato Much better

Multiplay games we should play?

This was prompted by the fact that CC asked what we are playing at the moment. Perhaps its timely to place what we think would make good multiplay games to play together. So if we make a selection of up to three recommended games each below, I'll

Favorite Multiplayer Game type

What is your favorite multiplayer game type? I have been playing Guardian quite a bit lately and it is quite fun. My all time favorite for Gears 2 has to be Wingman. The only problem I have with Wingman is playing with randoms because it is hard to have a

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