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A place for everyone who likes tickling Pokemon.

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Hello all!

Hey there, I'm Dilgear.  I just happened to come across this site yesterday after I was attempting to find one of my tickle stories that I happened to accidently delete from my bookmarks.  Well, I am a pokemon fanboy and do I looove tickling so I figured,

Hey guys!

Well, I'm new here (durr), so, I guess I'll introduce my characters! (My Pokesona first) Name: Alexa (my rl name) Age: 14 Species: Totodile Gender: Female Ticklish Spots: Belly, Sides, Feet Personality: Friendly, fun to be around


Hello, everyone. I'm new to forums, so excuse me if I make any mistakes. Characters used in both Arena and Scalper's Corner Name: Skye Species: Mew Gender: Female Appearance: Black fur and blue eyes. A white spiral marking covers her

Hi guys!

Hi guys! Guess who this is? Ok, I'd better get this done with. Name: Richard "Richie" Hollingsworth Species/Appearance: A Totodile wearing glasses with short brown hair. He usually wears one of two outfits a) A short sleeved gray shirt with


Name: Lerioc (aka Leri) Species: Ramodo, Tyranitar Gender: Female Ticklish Spots: Everywhere (Most ticklish: Under and between toes, in her tail cuff, belly) Info: She's the odd one out as she liked to call herself. She's known to help anyone

Hi everyone! nice place here

Hey guys! It's Torri and I can't wait to talk to you guys again(well at least the ones that I have met). Anyway, I missed you guys and learned of the move today(which kinda sucked since I posted on the other site when no one else was left). I'll love to


I wonder if they're ticklish?

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