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The Phantoms of Grand Fantasia

If you play Grand Fantasia and want to experience the game with a bunch of friendly players, then THIS is the guild for you!

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Merchants of Death - Campaign (need opinions)

EDIT: The first post is deleted. Please see my last post with link to the finished campaign.

Monday Night Mordheim Presents: Border Town Burning

Last night was the final night in my gaming groups first ever Border Town Burning Campaign. It was also the first night in which a camera was available to take pictures of our games. The pictures are below, but first, a brief introduction to the players

Gobo traiding corner ;)

Sometimes i can have nice and rare mordhaim models now I have for sell: Mordheim Witch x1 Arabian Merchant (Model for Morheim, not for Dogs of War) x2 Simus Gaant (dramatis personae necromancer) x2 Towny Cryer x1 and: Imperial NOBLE for WH

What kind of coal

Hi all I was going to use the coal that we ues for the house .BUT I have been toled that I must use Welsh coal ?? It is ment to come in a brick form and of a set size. Is this right and if so were can I get some..... Please

Got a gold crown to spare? (Merchant Caravan warband)

By request I present pictures of the Tilean Merchant Caravan warband I have been playing for quite a while now. Beware: I am not nearly as professional a painter as some of the other fine folks around here. The warband in its entirety. I a

Tabletop World's Merchant's House - Super quick review

A friend and mordheim compatriot of mine received a package from Croatia today, which he brough over so we could theorize on how to make the most of the contents and snap some pictures. This is what he brought with him. My hopes were sky high, but

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