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Free forum : So you want to be a Firefighter in WA

Free forum : A place where FF can help other FF obtain a career.

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Chicago Emergency Services RPG

This is the Official Chicago Emergency Services RPG. You can be a police officer, firefighter, or a emt (Or paramedic)

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Is there any level that these animals will not stoop to ?

Westboro Baptist Church planning to picket funerals of slain NY firefighters (Video) News December 26, 2012 By: Rachael Moshman Subscribe Two volunteer firefighters were killed and two others were wounded in a shooting at the scen

Off Duty Firefighter Killed in Riverside

this is sum krazie shit Woman's ex-boyfriend killed Riverside firefighter 10:25 PM PDT on Monday, November 1, 2010 By JOHN ASBURY The Press-Enterprise Riverside firefighters were in shock Monday, trying to cope with the weekend death of an

Alleged pipeline bombers arrested

Alleged pipeline bombers arrested By Ali Abu Iraq, Ben Lando, Adam al-Atbi and Staff of Iraq Oil Report Published December 29, 2011 BASRA - Iraq's beleaguered security forces are touting a victory in one of the most crucial aspects of securing the

Army Lingo

Mind wandered whilst reading posts on Barrack Room Inspections, thought of an almost related incident......... Powers that be organized a JNCOs' dance, of sorts, which was fine for the half dozen Regs., unexciting for vast majority of unattached NS men.

Article about the latino firefighter in the ricci v destefano case

For Hispanic Firefighter in Bias Suit, Awkward Position but Firm Resolve By A. G. SULZBERGER Published: July 2, 2009 NEW HAVEN — The two dozen firefighters who packed into Humphrey’s East Restaurant were celebrating a coming marriage, drinking and

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