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Half-Blood Vengeance: Percy Jackson RPG

Demigods have choices to make: Become a hero and please the Olympians, or help the Titans tear Olympus down brick-by-brick: A Percy Jackson RPG

#half-blood, #vengence, #demigods, #percy, #jackson, #mythology

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Phoenix Slayer Magic {Spells: Wings of the Phoenix]

Name: Wings of The Phoenix (1st Mode) Rank: C Magic Cost: 20~10 each post To continue Requirements: Need to have Fire manipulation Class: Offense and Defense Element: Fire Effect: Pheonix will summon wings made of fire from

Greatt fireball jutsu

Jutsu Name: Fire release: Great fireball jutsuRank: C rankType: ninjutsuRange: Travels up to 7 metersDuration: 1 post, 3 post cooldownAppearance: a  fireballEffect:A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, an

Genjutsu and Encyclopaedia Changes

Genjutsu and Encyclopaedia ChangesWith the recent changes and updates going on across the forum, Enzo has brought out a new Genjutsu Guide that has made Genjutsu and it's ways that every bit more clearer for our members. Due to the new template that

Ardere Kasai C spells

Name: Medium Fire Ball Rank: CMagic Cost: 20Requirements: Train the spell. Class: OffenseElement: FireEffect: Ardere puts his right hand up in the air and a medium sized fire ball materializes. The fireball has a diameter of about 5 feet and

Top 25 Sorcerer Spells in the Game

This spell list was selected with the thought that damage dealing spells get bonus consideration.1. Delayed Blast Fireball: Hands down the best damage dealer in the game in the hands of a well spec'd caster. The spell can even be used situationall

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