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This website has only purpose to raise the issues of shia community and aal news alerts regarding to shia sect.

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Urdu shia communtiy all over world

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Free forum : A forum to discuss Judo

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Shia Muslims can say the Mughal rule was bad. But the Hindus should not.

Shias in India faced persecution by some Sunni rulers and Mughal Emperors, resulting in the martyrdom of Indian Shia scholars like Qazi Nurullah Shustari (also known as Shaheed-e-Thaalis, the third Martyr) and Mirza Muhammad Kamil Dehlavi (also known as

Fiona Pender

Fiona Pender from Tullamore, Co. Offaly has been missing since 1996. She was last seen at her flat at Church Street, Tullamore at 6am on Friday 23rd August 1996. At that time she was 7 months pregnant and had spent the previous day shopping for baby

Should India claim Gilgit Baltistan on account of its Shia population ??

fiona payne admits she didnt check on the baby and other terrible parenting!!!! 485: "Tell me what you did Sunday?" Reply: "Well, I mean, this is, phew, where it's very hard to pick out each, each day now, I probably had more idea then, and I don't know how much of that

Fiona Sinnott

Fiona Sinnott has been missing from her home in Bridgetown, Co. Wexford since Monday 9th February, 1998. Fiona is described as being 20 years, 5'2" in height, 7 stone, shoulder length auburn hair and brown eyes. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE

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