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Herds of Azreth forums! As if we didn't have ENOUGH information and Roleplay...

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Anime Expo!!!

Darlings, I know it's late but I've been going to Anime Expo, and tormorrow is the official brony meetup. Now I don't know how many of you lot are going to be in LA for the convention but I know I will (I'm actually in LA right now and won't leave until

Halloween town (rp)

Welcom welcome to Halloween town your journey begins here down this road around the corner to the left. Go there and you will expierence the wonders of Halloween town BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Fourtune teller hair by traelia

This is the fourth day. [img][/img] Klick HERE to read and download.

Season 2 Pony Party!

So I'm hosting a party for the premiere of season 2 this weekend, only about 5-6 people total will be there, and I need ideas. Definitely going to have booze, we will probably do a run to the liquor store nearby. Probably get a bunch of soda and juice

The Secret Stories Chat Section

Players of the Secret Stories of the Masquerade and perhaps other roleplays in the future may come here to discuss the game and all other associated topics. Others may post as well, but only if it has to do with this thread's topic. Have fun guys! ^.^

WHINE: The Cutie Pox

Seems Rarity stayed up too late so ill post this for him Spoiler:  I don't really know what to say about this 1... maybe it was because I wasn't really paying attention to it while I played the beta but it had lots of Sootaloo so that always

Madam Amora's Fortune and Future Tellings

tears are not signs of weakness real friends are true to the end enemies are never useful to make do not stray from right do you really have faith in what you say that you do? Madam Amora "Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for

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