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Angelfish color

Found this guy at Petco, I thought it was sick when I saw it. Doesnt have any strips. Dull gray with patchy black fins and line through eyes, wondering what color classification he would fall into, marble maybe?

Freshwater Angelfish

I have a bunch of assorted angelfish juvies that need a new home. They come from a gold zebra x marble pair. There are gold, zebra and marble (I think those are the right names) available. They are between dime and quarter size. I'm looking for

angelfish help asap!

so i let my uncles have my group of angels in his planted aquarium. so now he has a group of 8 checked the water it checked out perfectly fine. but nowthey have a slimy coat and red in there fins. wtf do i do?!! help help. could it be the change

FS Discus,Angelfish,Plecos PU Weatherford Tx

Weatherford Tx Jon 817-757-8175 Discus Heckel Discus Jumbo W/C $95.00 Blue face Heckel Jumbo W/C $125.00 Green Discus (Rio Japura ) XLG W/C $115.00 Green Discus (Tefe) XLG W/C $75.00 Green Discus (Tefe) Med W/C $45.00 Brown (Nhamunda) XL

Fluorescent Angelfish


FF angelfish PU dfw, texas

I have for free 3 dime sized freshwater angel fish. please bring your own bag or bucket, or I can give you a bucket with lid for $3.00 pick up Plano tx, 75023. Thanks Joey.

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