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Revisiting the 99ers, why past warnings about long-term unemployed could cost President Obama 2012 Election

Many media personalities, articles and political figures have moved on and away the last two years from discussing the Original 99ers. Who are these 99ers? They are a part of the Occupy Movement 99%, but existed before Occupy Wall Street was

99ers, 99ers, 99ers… Will Obama Mention the 99ers in Sept 8 Jobs Speech?

Chances are the President will use the term “long term unemployed…” No. He should use the phrase “99ers.” Why? Because this is a speech on jobs and more specifically: Unemployment. Fully half of the long term unemployed have been out of work for more

Nothing will be mentioned for the 99ers gotta keep the GOP happy All about making Boehner happy. Sux big time really. No mention about 99ers. He has to realize Boehner isn't the one that he has to worry about, its their Mutual employer THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

99ers - Stand up and be counted: Register today with the "99er National Database"

Lee On 99ers: "Obama Understood We Were Talking About 99ers" We were talking about H.R. 589, a 14-week extension of unemployment benefits. Rep. Barbara Lee clarified something to me this morning regarding unemployment benefits,

Help For the 99ers!

This is from Congressman Mike Michaud. We should all contact him to thank and encourage him! Here is what he said~ Mike Michaud~ Tonight, I will offer a motion to make sure that funding for unemployment insurance is only used to provide support for


The date proposed is Saturday, April. 2. 2011. This allows for several weeks of promotion and preparation. The Saturday date will also allows the many employed 99er supporters, family's, friends etc to

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