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Fender 63 Reverb

I see that Brian used the Fender 63 Reverb on the BSO Japan tour earlier this year. What is the closest we come to 63 Reverb in pedal form you think, and what do you recomend ? Have been looking at the Danelectro Spring King Reverb, T-Rex ToneBug

Fender Bass VI

Probably one of the very first basses that featured a tremolo design, the Fender Bass VI was more of a baritone guitar. But many bass players tuned them low to use them as regular basses, although they lacked the low-end of their more "normal"


Hi guys, Does anyone know ,how to mod blues jr? Which speaker should change? or tubes? Albert

Fender T-Bucket

Anyone know anything about Fender's new acoustic? I saw a review in Guitar Player this month, and kind of want one. It's just cool looking, with some Vince Ray pinstriping on the fingerboard. It plugs in, too, which I can't do with my current

Fender Prosonic combo 1995 Washburn USA Chicgo CustomMG 122

Both are on ebay if someone here is interested let me know. Save me some $$ on the Ebay/Pay Pal fees and I will cut you some slack. Both of these are pieces that I never planned on selling but the Saturday after Thanksgiving my wife slipped in our yard

Fender '65 Twin Reverb 85w

I know this is not a Bassman but I have a chance to buy for less than half list price from origional owner. He is a guitar collector and says it is just to heavy to drag out to check his guitar investments with. It looks new, smells new?, and best of al

Bought A New Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Surf Green Yesterday

I bought a Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Surf Green from Best Buy yesterday for $543.00. It was regular priced at $699.00 It's a very cool strat. It's not a Gretsch, but it beats nothing at all and it sounds pretty nice. Question for you T

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