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Fejd: Upcoming Gigs

gigs 2009 :April 17th 2009 : Ragnarök 6 festival in Germany.For more info, check the Ragnarök Fest site3rd Juli 2009 : Hörnerfest (Germany)4th Juli 2009 : Hörnerfest (Germany)5th Juli 2009 : Hörnerfest (Germany)

Fejd - Eld [English Translation]

Lyrics translation by Fejd for "Eld" cd. Eld means "Fire".1. The Mountain King (Bergakungen)there he stood so tall, the mountain king from the northwith a yearning sencea maid from the village he snared to his

Fejd: Biography & Lyrics-list

Fejd (pronounced "fade") means "quarrel".Fejd Members :Patrik Rimmerfors: vocals, bouzouki, swedish bagpipe, jew's harp, hurdy-gurdy, cow antler, recorder, willow-pipeNiklas Rimmerfors: moraharpa (keyed fiddler),

Yr favorite song from > Storm

Please answer the poll too.PS : I didn't include the Bonus tracks because they are the remastered versions taken from Eld.

Fejd News

they made a new song listenable on myspace called Varg i Veum


if you guys, got the luck to see Fejd live, just post yr experience in here

Fejd merch

Lets start with a first T-shirt.

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