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Feeder clubs

Right firstly don't worry guys this isn't a will Buckley rant about the ethnics of feeder clubs...... Queue collective sigh of relief lol!) Iv had an idea Paul mentioned in his last news letter about trimming down Italy and hence a few of us are

Floodwater feeder rods

Has anyone got experience of heavy feeder fishing on the river after barbel. I did a session casting 6oz loaded feeders into the middle of the Trent, these were only just holding bottom. At the end of the session I had broken one of my Greys Xflite 2.75t

Family mini get away.

I'm so far behind on the truck due to the heat wave I knew I would be in the garage every chance I get for a while. I figured I'd take off to see if we could get lost together and to take in some nice family time. We started out down AA highway. Down

Pig feeder my ass

finally sold my Arctic Cat...So since I am out of town I call on my brother to go pick it up and give it a wash before the buyer shows up, he calls me and says did you know the speedometer doesnt work? No, it worked when I parked it, I tell him to check

FEEDER CLUB FEEDBACK thought id share.

Asked a question to paul about what monies we would get for feeder clubs. response: Feeder clubs will get the same sponsorship income as other clubs, just depends on who they are, but there will be no upfront payment for television rights next seaso

Cabela's feeder

anyone still have the instructions for the cabela's photocell feeder? have a few but can't seem to remember how to program them. hope someone out there still has it. aloha paka

Are we a feeder club???

Used to be Real coming in for all our best players... and on the whole getting most cheaper than they should have. Now the Chavs have joined them. Seriously there has to be a time when we say enough is enough don't you think??? Luckily with the Chavs w

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