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SBurban Jungle

A Homestuck roleplay forum, both for canon characters and fancharacters.

#sburban, #jungle, #homestuck, #roleplay, #forum, #both, #canon, #characters, #fancharacters

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Home Improvement/ Forum Updates

As most of you can tell: we updated. Things may be a little different, and there may be a few glitches here and there. Just send me a PM if you need to find anything, have a question, or something doesn't quite work right. Even if you just have a

Blazblue RPG Forum Its still growing, but growing steadyly. Developed to be a forum for a few members to have fun at, i guess i might as well aim for the top with it. -Crossovers are allowed, but judged with criticisim, so

Sub-forum Information

Mayors, or direct assistants of mayors, can post threads about their villages/towns here. These threads should include at least one picture of your village, a description, a motto and possibly a list of villagers. Villages use the flag of their


THE CRIMEAN WAR (THE CRIMEAN WAR (OCTOBER 1853 – FEBRUARY 1856) A member of this forum asked me to create him a forum back in August 2010. Although I’m down as the administrator i'm taking a back seat and "Light Brigade 1" will be runnin

Do You Have Any Suggestions For The Forum?

Do you have any suggestions for the forum? If you do don't hesitate to post them here

Forum Game!

Write the first few words that come to your mind when you read the post of the person above you! We can get some fun talkage even if some of us can only pop in for a second! to this xD

forum clock

ok, here's my idea: put a clock! some of us live in Europe, and some live in America, like me, making it hard to fix a rendez-vous or to know what time it is for the other people. if we had a clock, we could all have the same time, making things easier.

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