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Share your Harry Potter fanfcition and your artworks here!

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Left 4 Middle School

A RolePlaying group based on the L4MS DeviantArt group. (Which is based around Left 4 Dead)

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Hallowe'en Fantasica Fanart [Finished, page 3]

Hey everyone, I'm thinking of drawing some fanart in light of the upcoming holiday, and I'd like YOU to help me decide which characters to draw! Each person may vote for two characters, and the two that have the most votes by midnight on Thursday

Brittana fanart

So it seems like we don't have a fanart thread yet so I hope you don't mind me just opening one. There are some incredible artists out there! I'll start with posting my favorite piece of Brittana fanart. I love this one so much and I had it as my

GhibliFreek's Fanart My DA...y'know....for stalking purposes >.>;; ANYWAY I draw a fair amount in my free time, mainly doodles atm on lined paper which I tend to lose/throw away/feed to the demons under my bed. But occasionally I d

Ventrilo empty... WHERE DID EVERYONE GO?????

I miss the days when I had the means to consult the Felaryan community on the fly, and just being able to shoot the shit with them. Ventrilo was my means of doing that, but over the past coupla' months, almost everyone who used to go there regularly has

Wuzzupy13 FanArt!

Here's some of my stuff from my DA account Hope you enjoy. I'm planning on drawing Natsuki on her bike soon as a response to the above

Hobbit and LOTR fanart

thought we needed this thread now, fanart has been posted at everywhere .. like in parodies whaat?!

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