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Free forum : A forum dedicated to the preservation, modification and proliferation of four eyed Ford Mustangs, Granadas, Fairmonts, Thunderbirds and their Lincoln & Mercury cousins.

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Mercury fillings affect the way your body handles supplements

Hey everyone, i just wanted to post something that will benefit all that have mercury fillings. For three years now, ive tried to implement everything in IH regimen but i always have to stop because some of the supplements which supposed to help my body

Those of you with composite fillings

- is there anything in particular you have in your regimen to counteract the substances that can leak from them? For example Bisphenol-A, which is estrogenic and probably has other undesirable effects. I know composites have flaws but I'm not sure what

What to do if amalgam fillings were removed incorrectly?

I hadn't paid much attention to the fact I may have had mercury fillings, but I just contacted my dentist and apparently I had two amalgram fillings replaced about 4 years ago and still have two more. So I have a few questions: If they previous ones

UFO in Fairmont,MN on the 4th of July 2010

UFO in Fairmont,MN on the 4th of July 2010

IH - Dental Fillings, anything I can do?

Imm, So I have about 9 silver fillings in my teeth. With all the controversy with mercury poisoning, etc. what do you suggest I do? I've read that removing the fillings can be dangerous itself - and considering I have 9 of them, it's not really a

A question for all: Do you have any dental fillings of any kind?

Hopefully this poll will reveal some sort of trend, let's find out.

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