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Faint- and Ryan's NBotLS Server

Faint-'s NBotLS server on Byond

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Castle Faint Light is the home of the Laredo and Zohartze family.

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Faint "aura" out of corner of eye that won't go away. Anyone ever experience this?

For the past week I have been getting a faint aura-like vision out of the corner of my right eye. If I kind of move my eyes to the right I will see a shimmering pattern, very reminiscent of the beginning an aura in the far right side of my vision. But i

For fainters and barometer readers

New, very probable diagnosis last week at ER. (The light bulb went on!!!) Went up with faintness and really not feeling well, not m, but was given a very plausible explanation for my problems which I thought I'd share. Meniere's disease. Fluid build u

Memory foam pillows, formaldehyde and migraines

A coworker was absent yesterday because she got a new memory foam pillow and had a bad allergic reaction to it and her face was all swollen and she had trouble breathing. She did research and found out that the pillow had formaldehyde in it that the

Feeling stuck between migraine and fainting

Hi All, Lately, I have been feeling like I am stuck between a rock and hard place- between fainting and migraine. I do not know what to about either one of these right now. I am currently fainting anywhere between 3 and 10 times each day. Though I

Migraines, fainting, confusion

Hi All, Lately, I have had some confusion with the migraines. On Wednesday, I fainted and came too pretty confused, I did go to the ER after this event. I had a CT scan, which was normal, and normal labs. I am scared because the same thing has happened

Headaches and passing out/fainting

Hi All, I'm sure that most of you know that in addition to chronic intractable migraine, I also have POTS and faint a great deal. I usually faint anywhere from 0-12 times each day. I have only noticed one pattern- when the pain gets worse, I faint a lo

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