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Unemployed Friends 2.0

A community dedicated to the support and advocacy for the unemployed.

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How to use user extensions using Selenium RC

Hi , I was trying to use the user-extension provided by our Dev team for automating SmartGWT . Here is what i did. To add user-extension.js to the selenium-sever.jar. 1 .Opened selenium-server.jar it using winzip 2. Deleted the existing

User-extensions.js file is needed

I am doing data driven testing using selenium IDE.for that i want user-extensions.js file. Someone please help me to get that file.

Problem with adding -userExtensions option

Hello, When I execute test suite without -userExtensions, it works fine (java -jar selenium-server.jar -htmlSuite "*iexplore" "" "c:\absolute\path\to\my\HTMLSuite.html" "c:\absolute\path\to\my\results.html") But, when I

How do you debug IDE user extensions?

I tried to debug selenium-ide-1.1.0.xpi with chromebug. But with chromebug I only see listed the .JS files in chrome/content/ but I can't see the ones in chrome/content/selenium-core/scripts neither the .JS of my user extensions. Anyone

How to optimize using SQL Server Merge statement for bulk records

I am using Merge statement in SProc to do all the modification on the target on comparing the data with the source. I have over 4000000 records in the source (which is view object) and on executing the SProc which uses the MERGE statement takes almost an

What is user-extension and how to use it ???

hi folks, I am trying to understand how to use user-extenstions with selenium-rc but not able to figure it out. I created a use extension and run my selenium rc by giving it as a parameter. and then i try to call the method in selenium rc but it

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