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Free forum : R.E.A.L.. Reborning Classes

Free forum : This forum, R.E.A.L. - Reborning Expressions and Artful Learning is dedicated to the artist who wish to improve their reborning skills in a classroom setting.

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Tutortunes Community

Free forum : Tutortunes are pop songs with a grammatical focus crafted for ESL students and teachers

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La grêle après les vendanges et le cheveu sur la soupe

Bonjour!! today, two expressions about things happening at the wrong time: "arriver comme la grêle après les vendanges" (= like a hailstorm after the grape-picking) ... quand les vendanges sont finies, la grêle ne peut plus rien détruire (

My PDF Friends: What is your best remedy for a broken heart?

Let's hear all you all's remedies for a broken heart. And let me just make it clear right now that it is not in my nature to sleep around for any reason, even to "get him out of my system," so that's out, right from the get-go. Pretty please

Invitation to Bid/Request for Expressions of Interest

The Invitation to Apply for Eligibility and to Bid (IAEB) has been replaced by the Invitation to Bid (for Goods and Infra) and Request for Expressions of Interest (for Consulting Services). I noticed, however, that it has not been consistently applied in

Quelques expressions avec le mot "loup"

Je lit beaucoup en français et ce que j'ai découvert c'est que les expressions avec le mot "loup" sont souvent utilisées. Voici quelques unes que j'ai trouvé: "Avoir faim de loup" - exemple: J'ai faim de loup. ça veut dire que


MODERN EXPRESSIONS OR SAYINGS THAT CAME FROM THE BIBLE. (Genesis 4:9) Am I my brother’s keeper. (Leviticus 16:7-10) Someone being a scapegoat. (Numbers 14: A land of milk and honey – a good place to live. (Numbers 29:36) A

Mes expressions idiomatiques preferees

Bonjour à tous, En fait il y a pas mal d'expression idiomatique que j'aime- voici mes préférées: Expression: être dans le brouillard Traduction littérale- ''To be in the fog'' Sens: To be confused Expression: se mélanger les pineaux avec

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