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USAF Forum - Furcadia - USAF Excalibur is the current active ship.

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Free forum : Merlin: The Legend Continues

Free forum : Merlin, Arthur, Legend, Sir Gwaine, Guinevere, Morgana, Gaius, Uther, Excalibur, Mordred, Magic, Lancelot

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Audio Magic Excalibur II XLR interconnects (used)

Audio Magic Excalibur II interconnects, XLR, 1.5m, condition is 8.5/10, silver ribbon conductors, RM1,200. - 012-3094001

Excalibur to be remade?

Excalibur and Extra Sword.

So basically XYZ summon with 2 Extra Sword as materials. The Excalibur's atk will be 4000. If I detach 2 materials will the atk be 8000 or still 4000 because the original of Excalibur is 2000?

JJ's ATAD 24: Instant XYZ

And JJ's ATAD is back. After a short space of time with less activity, there has been loads of activity from today and I hope it continues. Without further ado, I will reattempt this continuation because you never know, the activity levels may stay

Senju vs Gray toruanment battle

Senju made it there first he was thinking Gray would come later this would be a big fight for him fighting a Fairy Tail member Senju had to get ready as people came to watch his fight he wanted to make a name for himself and this was how if he could beat

Audio Magic Excalibur digital RCA interconnects (New)SOLD

Wanted to sell Audio Magic Excalibur Digital Inteconnect (RCA termination with navy blue sleeve/jacket).1 meter length.New with original packing box. US price was around USD180.00.SOLD.Call or sms me (En.Syed) at 019-6780283.Sorry for no photos....will

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