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Number of artillerymen at Isandlwana

Why so many artillerymen at Isandlwana? Isn't it correct that there were just 2 small "cannon".. but I think there were something like 80 gunners and drivers etc Sorry if I am being dumb on this - but why were so many men per gun

Ghosts Of Isandlwana. By Ian Knight.

The " Ghost's Of Isandlwana " poster was created by Ian Knight and will be limited to 350 copies only. If you would like to own one these captivating images,drop me a PM and I will put you in touch with Ian. The image above is a photograph of a

Sketches of Isandlwana

Hi everyone. Littlehand posted these imagines in another forum. My question. Were these actual sketches of Isandlwana? One looks like before the Battle and one after the battle. Or are they just how Isandlwana was imagined to be. I know Crealock was

Isandlwana casualty Oswald Bretherton. Was he at Isandlwana.

There's a memorial stone and inscription to him in the forum grave section. But can't seemed to find anything on this chap, does anyone else have any. Is there anything to say he was at Isandlwana?

Isandlwana DVD.

Hi all. For those who havent seen it or own it , this is well worth buying . cheers 90th.

Isandlwana''s Drummer boys

Does anyone know of sure if the Incident at Isandlwana concerning the Drummer boys is true. I have heard they were hung on butchers hooks and cut open. I have also heard they were sexually assaulted before death. Was the rumour put about by the troops t

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