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Couple of cuttings cheap

I took some cuttings today for a mate> I have two smallish Trichocereus Bridgesii (clone Bruce) mid cuts left over. The first one is about 25cm in length and 6ish cm diameter = $10 plus post Second one is about

Strange Tricchocereus Hybrid

This T.Peruvianus hybrid is showing some funky growth, almost looks like the Peru version of the TBM penis cactus I'm excited to see how it progresses, fingers crossed this growth continues.

Another one is it T. Bridgesii ??

Another one of Bruce's, looking around this arvo and the best I can find is Trichocereus bridgesii. So you Tricho lovers what do you reckon. The spines pointing down is the tricky bit as I can not find a really good pic online.

Wanted: Advanced Trich. bridgesii monstrose

Hey spiny characters, I'm looking to purchase an advanced penis plant. I have a couple of small ones, but would prefer something quite large from which I could take cuttings. Any ideas where I might find one? Thanks! M

Trichocereus bridgesii variagata

There ya go trig, thought ya might like a squiz


I am proposing a competition where members take a picture or pictures of their prized cacti specimens and post them in the gallery. Please create a personal album in the gallery and upload your pics to that. The entries should read "Comp entry

Trichocereus scopulicola

Here is a local scop in Melbourne's suburbs As you can see it loves the climate.. fattest one i've ever seen.

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