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Anyone else seen this yet. Paul Mcgann was excellent as the Vicar. Some really funny parts..very SHAUN OF THE DEAD like.

I found the Radio Times from the McGann movie (March 1996)!

I thought I rounded up and threw away all my McGann-related stuff the morning after the TV movie aired, but somehow this survived! It hid at the bottom of a pile of papers in my closet for the past sixteen (seriously?) years. I have to give it props

The Other Doctor Figure! 5''!!!!

At a UK shop site! OH MY GOD! THE OTHER DOCTOR The ‘Other Doctor’ is the Doctor’s dark chapter, an _hitherto unknown incarnation whose existence he has spent centuries repressing, a secret he wants no one to know of. He is a relic of the past,

Rumors about Series 5, Tennant & McGann (Spoilers?)

Original Title: David Tennant leaving news from UK...return of Paul McGann!? Hello people, Firstly I’m new here so hello. I was searching the net looking for a new Dr Who forum (my current ones are getting a bit stale), and found you guys! I’m UK base

Who is John Hurt (SPOILERS)

As I mentioned in another thread, there is speculation that the character being played by John Hurt could be the Doctor #9 based on his costume. A 9th Doctor Jacket and a vest that looks like 8's. Speculation is, he is a forgotten incarnation of

The Last Day

The Day of the Doctor will be preceded by a RED BUTTON minisode, THE LAST DAY and will be available from Sunday 17 November. The minisode lasts approximately 4 minutes.Time to be announced. I dare say it will be available online for everyone to watch

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