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Free forum : East Texas Aquarium Keepers

Free forum : ETAK is a group of people that share the same interest in Reef, Freshwater, Saltwater, Brackish, Planted, Pond..keeping

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Superman mushrooms and Pink Birdsnest (SOLD)

I have some Superman Mushrooms for sale $5 each. I have 5 available. These are whole mushrooms, fully attached, not frags, cut pieces or loose shrooms. I also have a

125 Gallon Aquarium Brand New

Hey guys, Jeff from Lone Star Aquariums- We got a great deal on some 6 foot aquariums from Aqueon if you ever wanted to get a larger tank this is the time! Brand New 125 Aqueon Gallon combo includes: 125 Gallon Aquarium (72" x 18 x 22) Black

ETAK Logo Contest

I need help designing the club logo, so I need you guys and gals to help me create one. The winning logo will be on the banner on top of the forum. And later it will be on T-shirts.

How to add the ETAK app

How to add the ETAK app to your iTouch, iPad, iPhone

ETAK Meeting

When: Saturday 01/21/2012 What: Coral swap, Meet new members, Discuss aquarium topics ect... Time: 2pm Where: Jason's house- 1707 LaFoy Ln., Longview... 75604 Directions: From Marshall (or East of Longview) Come into town headed West on Hwy

Contest Nano of Pure Awsomeness (w/ pics)

You guys didnt think I would die that easy did you ? New Tank = boring 5.5 AGA from petco Filtration = Aquaclear 110 Lighting = Rapid Led PAR38 powerhead = tuze 5024 x 2 if needed ATO = JBJ ATO , Tom Aqualifter This will be the one to

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