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Natural hair regrowth forum. The latest science and news on hair loss and male pattern baldness. How to hair loss and regrow your hair. www. Immortalhair. org

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Fuji Planet

Welcome to Fuji Planet, a forum that offers a unique experience. We have everything from flash games to forum games, item reviews to great graphics. Explore our arcade complete with level editors, our

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An Elephant on its side

Good morning fellow dreamers, I had a dream last night that I saw a baby elephant lying on it's side. My husband was standing on one side and I was standing by its head. The elephant would get up and put his foot on a piece of paper and leave his foot

Resveratrol decrease or increase estrogen?

Hi, Somewhere in the internet i saw resveratrol decrease estrogen and increase testosterone , and shouldn't be used for menaupause and on others articles i saw the opposite ... so if anyone is sure about the anwser , i wanna know , for myself , and for

Bone density/Elephant

Dream: I went with a dear friend of mine IRL to do some early morning activities. Twice I went with her and realized as I was out and about that I had left my young children at home alone, unattended. This friend said to me, "Why don't you just

Elephant Tied up

Hello Saints I greet you all in the wonderful NAME of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a dream i had last night and it has been bugging me and i hope u can help. I had a dream that i was holding a tied up elephant. It was tied both legs and i was

Imagine that six blind men encounter an elephant

Imagine that six blind men encounter an elephant for the first time ... One blind man bumps into the leg of the elephant, feeling it carefully... Another blind man bumps into the trunk of the elephant which is swaying around and groping in his pocket


Hi my name is Sharene I have been an ofsted registered childminder since july 2008. Im married with two girls aged 15 & 12 my husband also works with children(away from home) We live in a large 3 bed town house(se17 area) with a spacious garden an

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