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Airhawk Cushion

My K100 RS has a low seat conversion which is how it arrived when I bought it ex-Japan, I find the saddle uncomfortable on the backside on long runs, so after some research I got an Airhawk medium size cushion and went for a run of just over 350 km on

Airhawk Cushion review - Rider Magazine

For those of you who subscribe to Rider Magazine, or can get access to a copy, on Page 87 of the September issue there is a nice review of the 'Airhawk Saddle Cushion' by Clement Salvadori, a well respected motorcycle journalist. It is a very informative

Air Hawk Cushion

I will be traveling from East Tennessee to Tampa in October. Traveled to Waynesboro NC & back yesterday approx a 175 miles. My rear & tailbone in bad shape after 75 to 100 miles. After looking at reviews it seems that the Air Hawk is the direction to

Fish Cat 4 LCS air cushion mod, or any non-air cushion seat tube

Okay guys. Took a bit since I got way too busy to do extended tests on the FC4, but here's the air cushion mod. Komori, our member, suggested to get the air

For Sale: Seat Cushion for your scoot/mc !!!

1 size fits all type of seat.. For added comfort during rides.. kahit iwan nyo sa tirik ng araw pwede na sakay agad ng walang balisawsaw.. P550 lang po.. See actual image..

Any fix for driver's seat bottom cushion?

I'm posting this out of desperation. My driver's seat bottom cushion is quickly becoming a literal pain in my backside. About an hour behind the wheel is all it takes for my right leg/thigh to begin to hurt. Its been this way since I bought my FJ back

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